Indulge yourself

Sky Spa facilities offer 10 treatments rooms with private showers; from the couple room, to the royal room and the special hammam (steam room). Saunas and steam rooms are also available, providing you with the most pleasant experience for your body and soul. 


Discover the healing characteristics of water through hydrotherapy. The jets of the hot tub are typically placed to target key pressure points on the body, infusing a relaxing feel and soothing sensation. 


Sauna is much more than deep sweating; it relieves stress, relaxes muscles and soothes pains in both muscles and joints, and improves cardiovascular  performance.  Sauna has the amazing benefit as well of infusing deep sleep.

Steam room

Steam baths help open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion.  They increase metabolism and can aid with weight loss. The sweat you release also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body.

Royal room

When you choose to pamper yourself in the royal room, you can indulge in the special treatment, followed by some time you spend in the sauna and the Jacuzzi. Wrap up your experience with a hot shower. 

Couples room

This is the best time to renew your vows, experiencing a holistic experience for two. Wrap it up with some time spent in the Jacuzzi listening to soft soothing music. 

Thai room

The Thai room features a special Thai traditional massage that uses oil and mixed yoga techniques throughout the body to loosen and strengthen the muscles and deliver a deep strong effective life enhancing treatment.


What's better than an intense massage followed by a hollow treatment of the body, including scrub and exfoliation. One of the oldest form of detox, it eliminates harmful substances and is perfect to rejuvenate body and skin.

Men section

Men have their special treatments at Sky Spa. They can indulge in any of the available services in their private corner, and enjoy sipping their tea or coffee. 

Gift voucher

You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to gift the ones you love with a Sky Spa gift card; Purchase any treatment and let us pamper your beloved ones.